perjantai 18.11.2016 klo 08:24 - Jesse Kontio

Webinar: SolidWorks 2017 What’s New Part 1

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017? Find out from the SOLIDWORKS team!

WHEN: 24.11.2016 11:30-12:00 Finnish time
PRESENTER: Mattias Robertsson, Territory Technical Manager, SOLIDWORKS


With more core power and performance, and new capabilities for emerging technologies, it’s never been easier to design and create with SOLIDWORKS®, the design and development solution chosen by more than 3.1 million users worldwide. In part 1 of our two-part ‘What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017’ webinar series, will we show you how to::

  • INNOVATE – the new capabilities to help you incorporate emerging technologies
  • DESIGN – using more core power and performance to get your job done faster
  • VALIDATE –the greater design insights that lead to breakthrough products

In just 30 minutes, Mattias, a SOLIDWORKS Technical Manager will lead you through some of our favourite key features and will be happy to answer any of your questions at the end of the presentation.